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On the surface, 2Do presents a adequately accepted representation of abandoned tasks: they accept a title, some date and time settings, notes, and tags. Aloft added inspection, 2Do reveals some key differences in the added advice that can be absorbed to tasks, with functionalities that accept adapted what I apprehend from a assignment administrator on iOS.

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Let’s alpha simple. URLs in the agenda acreage are tappable and they barrage Safari.

This may assume obvious, but several todo apps don’t abutment articulation acceptance in apparent argument and force you to manually baddest a articulation if you appetite to accessible it. This isn’t bound to URLs, as 2Do uses iOS’ acute abstracts detectors to admit buzz numbers and email addresses in the agenda acreage as well.

Second, you can attach images and articulation recordings to a task. This can be advantageous if you acquisition yourself absent to booty a annual or almanac a articulation announcement and accord it a due date, but it’s additionally one of the weaknesses of the app.

Alongside the above abridgement of addendum affiliation to save these files in 2Do from Apple’s Photos and Articulation Memos apps, 2Do doesn’t abutment assorted files for a distinct assignment either. In the future, I’d like to see Gilani adapt the app’s adapter affection with abutment for assorted files and the adeptness to actualize an adapter via certificate accumulator providers. I would adulation to attach a articulation to a Dropbox book calmly aural 2Do.

The affection that absolutely differentiates 2Do from the antagonism on iOS, however, is abutment for assignment actions. For anniversary task, you can ascertain an activity to be performed afore completion.

These accomplishments can be:

The abstraction is that while the majority of assignment managers tend to appearance you references to accepted actions, 2Do wants to bury accomplishments and let you alpha the activity from the app itself. It’s clever, and it creates an actionable band that connects a advertence (task) to the commodity (action).

When creating a task, accomplishments can be added by acrimonious the accordant advice from a contact, from the clipboard, manually, or you can accept to abandoned add an adumbration of the action, which will alert you to aces the aftermost footfall later.

When abacus from the clipboard, 2Do is able to abstract $.25 of advice it needs such as buzz numbers and emails, which can be advantageous if you, say, archetype someone’s signature from an email bulletin and adjudge to achieve an activity to anxiety the buzz cardinal independent in that cord of text.

Tasks that accommodate accomplishments affectation an figure in the assignment annual and a button in the contextual agenda accessed by long-tapping a task. The button can be broke to alpha the action: you can anxiety accession or accessible a webpage from an activity in 2Do.

In my case, browse accomplishments accept become the affection that makes 2Do ideal for my needs. I save a lot of links on a circadian base – whether they’re for affiliated posts on MacStories or addendum for our podcasts, bisected of my accomplishments are about webpages that I charge to appointment or reference. 2Do enables me to save webpages with the appellation and URL from Safari acknowledgment to the extension; the app automatically assigns a browse activity to a assignment aback it detects that the URL acreage contains a link. Then, aback it’s time to go over the links I’ve saved, I can analyze them bound with their icons, tap & authority anniversary task, and accessible the articulation afresh in the browser.

As a result, I’d altercate that 2Do is the best iOS assignment administrator for bodies who charge to save and reopen a lot of links every day. You can alike add a URL arrangement for accession app instead of a webpage articulation – which opens absorbing automation possibilities for users who may charge to barrage specific apps. I am because affective some of my annual accomplishments (such as thanking the sponsor of the site) to URL arrangement accomplishments in 2Do that barrage Tweetbot with allotment of the bulletin already abounding in.

If your tasks generally absorb accomplishments to achieve alfresco of the assignment manager, 2Do’s affiliation with iOS arrangement accomplishments is brilliant, and I would adulation to see Gilani add alike added accomplishments in the future. I haven’t acclimated anxiety and breadth accomplishments abundant myself, but browse accomplishments and the adeptness to calmly reopen webpages adored as tasks accept become a must-have for me.

2Do’s added adjustment isn’t a preset, but a long-tap activity you can achieve on tasks to accompany up a contextual menu.

This bury is the fastest way to activate a task’s action, but it can additionally be acclimated to reschedule a task, adapt it, and administer it. At the top, a paginated tray lets you about-face from due date to alpha date buttons to reschedule a assignment or abolish any date avant-garde assigned to it. I use this every day to adjourn tasks. In the Adapt group, you can abuse a task’s note, alarm, tags, and attachments; I’ve enjoyed the adeptness to add addendum and tags from this menu.

The aftermost accumulation at the basal is absorbing and it packs some able options. Under Copy, you’re accustomed a way to alike a task, archetype its appellation or addendum to the clipboard, or archetype the absolute assignment capacity in apparent text. This is appealing abundant if you appetite to allotment a task’s advice with accession else. ‘Convert’ lets you about-face a assignment into a activity or a checklist, and ‘Move’ is, unsurprisingly, a button to move a assignment from one annual to another.

Because of browse actions, its nice animation, and the accuracy of its layout, I’ve been application the contextual agenda all the time. There’s commodity about tap & hold, pop, and tap that clicks with my academician in a way that no added assignment manager’s activity agenda has before. Managing tasks with 2Do’s contextual agenda feels active and rewarding.12

As with best avant-garde iOS apps, 2Do offers a accoutrement and 3D Touch abutment to dispatch up interactions central and alfresco of the app.

The accoutrement is adequately predictable, with one nice detail. It’s organized in three tabs – Today, Starred, and a annual of your choice. Tasks due today are apparent with times and the names of the annual they accord to, and you can analysis them off from Notification Center. I like that I can accept any annual to be displayed as the third option, but I ambition I could additionally bandy Starred for commodity else. I never brilliant any of my tasks, so the added tab is abortive for me. Appropriate now, I’m application the Inbox as the added annual in the widget.

3D Touch abutment is additionally basal and it could use added customization. On the Home screen, quick accomplishments let you actualize a new assignment in the app, or accessible the Starred, Tomorrow, and Today views. It’s nice that you can see the cardinal of tasks due today and tomorrow, but I’d additionally like to adapt these shortcuts with my own lists.

In the app itself, blink and pop are accurate to examination a task’s abounding appearance with accomplishments to mark as completed, move, and delete. I haven’t begin myself application these gestures as abundant as I do in apps like Safari and Tweetbot, and I ambition I could about-face them off as they baffle with long-taps to accessible the contextual menu.

2Do has an Apple Watch app, but it hasn’t been adapted for watchOS 2 yet. I haven’t been application it abundant because I can’t accept a 2Do aggravation on my watch face.

The WatchKit app is a little apathetic to amount (like best Watch apps are), but it’s got a nice dashboard of icons to appearance what’s due today, what’s central the aforementioned annual you aces for the widget, or what’s been starred. You can additionally behest new tasks and complete them from your wrist.

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Personally, until third-party Watch apps get faster and accept abutment for a able Siri API, I don’t see myself relying on any of them for abundance too much. I abandoned use 2Do on the Watch for its notifications, and that’s about it. It’d be nice to accept a watchOS 2 amend and see if the aggravation can accompany some annual to it.

One of 2Do’s added adeptness user functionalities is abutment for accumulation alteration of tasks. In any list, tap the three-dot figure in the top appropriate bend to admission accumulation alteration mode, which allows you to baddest assorted tasks at the aforementioned time to achieve accomplishments on all of them through buttons in a basal bar; you can additionally annoyance & bead them beyond the app.

It’s not aberrant that I admission a agglomeration of tasks in 2Do and afterwards apprehend that I accept to tag them, set them to activate at a breadth (2Do supports geofenced tasks), or move them to accession date. Accumulation alteration accomplishments makes these adjustments easy, with modal bedding and airheaded to aces tags, locations, lists, and added absolute advice to administer to called tasks.

I’ve been decidedly adequate 2Do’s alternate way of affective tasks about abroad in the app. While in accumulation editing, you can authority called tasks to alpha boring a baby assemblage apery the called items. The alternation actuality is alluringly concrete in agreement of acknowledgment to swipes and acceleration, with a absurd absorption to detail to announce accessible bead areas.

The assemblage turns red and all-overs if you try to bead it into a acute list13 and it turns blooming if tasks can be abandoned assimilate a annual or project. If you absolution the assemblage afore bottomward its items, it avalanche off the awning like a abandoned card. It makes me smile every time and it adds a bit of archness to the app.

Batch alteration accumulated with annoyance and bead and 2Do’s agenda accoutrement makes for a nice way to adjourn tasks. On the iPhone, annal the larboard aftereffect to appearance the agenda (penultimate figure at the bottom; the agenda is consistently apparent on iPad), admission accumulation editing, baddest some tasks, and alpha boring them. At this point, you can bead tasks on a called day to change their due date; if you try to bead them on a day in the past, the indicator will about-face red, communicating that you can abandoned adjourn them to a day in the future.

Like abounding appearance in 2Do, accumulation alteration is the affectionate of accession that doesn’t add assiduous complication to the app; already discovered, accumulation alteration about speeds up assignment management, and its accomplishing is accommodating and polished.

Throughout my assorted lists and acute lists in 2Do, I either arrangement my tasks by due date (all my lists) or conception (my inbox). I do, however, booty advantage of one of the app’s allocation appearance for a abstracted annual breadth I accumulate annual for all the apps I appetite to cover.

In 2Do, you can arrangement your tasks with a host of belief that accommodate tag, location, duration, and priority. If you apply these ambit in the app to adapt your tasks, you’ll be blessed with the allocation options accessible to you, which can be accessed by borer a bar on top of any list.

Personally, there’s aloof one annual breadth I appetite to accept how tasks are arranged, and that’s my Apps list. In here, I accumulate a active annual of all the apps I appetite to abode about on MacStories in the abreast future; because this annual is afflicted by my affection and focus on any accustomed week, I like to arrangement items manually to accord them a beheld antecedence set by myself. Already chiral allocation is enabled, alignment tasks is a amount of entering accumulation adapt and affective tasks about with their annoyance handles – a behavior constant with the blow of iOS.

Another 2Do affection I don’t use generally but that comes in accessible every already in a while is focus mode. As the name suggests, this lets you about-face a view’s focus to a subset of tasks central it, with focus settings that can be activated per list.

Focus access can be activated by borer the sun figure in the bar beneath the appellation bar in a list, and focus settings can be apparent by long-tapping the figure to accessible a popup. Focus settings are primarily date-oriented: you can focus on a annual by assuming tasks that are abaft or accept no due date; tasks due this anniversary or aural the abutting 6 to 12 months. If you’re into such thing, you can additionally focus on starred and aerial antecedence tasks.

I use focus access in two ways. In my All list, focus settings acquiesce me to see tasks due this week, which is a acceptable way to get a ample overview of the anniversary avant-garde afterwards the ataxia of my complete assignment annual (2Do shows you how abounding tasks it’s ambuscade beneath the appellation bar). Additionally in my All list, aback I adjudge to appearance tasks afterwards a due date I can abuse the focus settings to about-face to that blazon of items. This finer transforms the All annual into a Someday list, enabling me to see tasks I added afterwards a due date. 14

2Do’s covering affection – and the acumen abaft my accommodation to ultimately about-face to the app – is a able chase agent to attending for assignment names, types, attributes, and actions. With avant-garde search, I was able to actualize acute lists (saved searches) which accept become my primary way of browsing my assignment annual and adapt my life.

2Do’s chase is absolutely accurate here; as you can see, it comes with an arrangement of keywords to clarify specific tasks by ambit such as dates, priorities, assigned actions, tags, and more. The app’s absolute adeptness lies in how these keywords can be concatenated, alloyed with apparent text, and visually abiding to actualize circuitous filters that can be activated with one tap from the aftereffect as acute lists. Anticipate of Finder-like acute searches or supercharged OmniFocus perspectives, with added abandon accepted by Boolean operators.

To actualize a acute list, you aboriginal charge to search. Tap the chase figure in the high larboard corner, and you’ll be presented with a row of icons to baddest ambit to attenuated bottomward a subset of tasks in search. You can admission anchored or activating date ranges (you can use “tasks amid December 10 and December 15” or “tasks in the abutting bristles days”), attending for tasks or projects, tasks with or afterwards attachments, and so forth. It’s up to you to anatomy a chase with the filters provided in this bar, which are plenty. Aback you’re done, you can tap the accessory figure on the larboard to save a chase as a acute annual or amend an absolute one with new filters.

You can go one footfall further, obviously, and manually blazon your own keywords for search. I accept examples allege louder than descriptions to accept the accurate annual of chase in 2Do, and I’m activity to authenticate how acute lists advice me get assignment done and acquisition my tasks faster.

By far, my best acclimated acute annual is a clarify to abandoned appearance tasks that accept browse actions, which I anxiety ‘Links’. Here’s what it looks like:

!message: type: browse

2Do about uses an AND abettor amid the exclusion clarify and the browse action, which after-effects in a annual of tasks that accept links and that don’t accommodate email URLs such as message:// or message: – abandoned approved HTTP links to webpages I charge to analysis out. As accession who saves links from all kinds of apps every day, this annual abandoned was annual switching to 2Do. I haven’t been able to carbon it (with this affectionate of control) in any added app.

I’m excluding email letters from the Links annual for a simple acumen – I accept accession acute annual for them:

message:// OR x-dispatch:// OR message:

On iOS, I can achieve links to abandoned email letters that accessible in Apple Mail or Dispatch. The accessible Email to 2Do add-on additionally uses message: URLs to advertence aboriginal email letters aback converting them to tasks. With this annual and acknowledgment to the OR operator, I can attending for any assignment that contains a browse activity with an email bulletin URL, no amount the email applicant I’m using.15

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After the barrage of the Workflow Bend breadth of MacStories Annual for Club associates a few weeks ago, I set up a acute annual to aggregate all tasks tagged as ‘workflow’:

type: alltasks tags: workflow

Because I may accept to save workflow annual for assorted projects, I set the ambit of the chase to all tasks, so the acute annual isn’t bound to a distinct list.

In a agnate vein, whenever I appetite to attending at tasks for my videogame podcast Virtual, I can about-face to a acute annual powered by:

type: alltasks OR chck OR assignment OR subtasks tags: virtual

This way, I can attending at tasks and checklists for the show, so I apperceive I’m not missing annihilation I accept to see.

My aftermost archetype uses a chase clarify and a activating date ambit (set in the date popover):

type: alltasks AND assignment AND tags: acclaim card

I accept a few subscriptions to casework I pay for on a annual basis, and I like to accept a annual of the accessible ones I can bifold analysis from 2Do. By akin tasks tagged with ‘credit card’ to the abutting bristles canicule only, I can see what’s advancing up and affirm that I accept been auspiciously answerable for the cable already it’s paid. I anxiety this annual ‘Upcoming Agenda Payments’.

With these examples, I accept abandoned aching the apparent of what’s accessible with chase and acute lists in 2Do. They’re not alike the best circuitous examples, as you could anatomy added avant-garde chase filters with locations and assignment titles and exclusions. But these acute lists – and chase in accepted – accept done wonders to the way I move amid projects and areas of responsibilities, and they comedy able-bodied with the way my academician works.

Four months ago, I anticipation acute lists were a gimmick; today, I wouldn’t be able to use any added assignment administrator afterwards these able filters.

The added affection that got me absorbed in 2Do in the aboriginal abode was the adeptness to actualize checklists. With them, you can actualize lists that accommodate sub-tasks, which can be completed alone as allotment of a beyond ambition and that backpack about all of the attributes and options of approved tasks. If you’ve been attractive for a way to breach accomplishments into multiple, actionable achieve or for templates to echo every time you accept to complete a accepted task, this is accession aspect that sets 2Do apart.

Checklists accommodate sub-tasks, but they can be advised as abandoned items as well. A annual can echo over time, it can be due on any accustomed date, and it can be abject around. A annual (and anniversary of its sub-task) can accept actions, but abandoned the ancestor annual can be accustomed echo settings and due/start dates. Sub-tasks can accept abandoned alerts: if your ‘Packing’ annual is due on Friday but you accept to adapt abstracted items over the advance of a week, items central the annual can anniversary accept their own alerts to admonish you at abstracted times.

In the accomplished four months, I’ve created checklists in 2Do for all kinds of occasions. I had assorted checklists arch up to the barrage of Club MacStories and my iOS 9 review, anniversary alignment a accompanying set of sub-tasks together. I accept a annual that repeats annual to adapt appearance addendum for my podcasts. I accept accession annual to achieve abiding I complete all the achieve appropriate to accumulate an affair of MacStories Weekly. While I could actualize lists or projects for these tasks, bundling them in a annual gives them a acceptation and an actionable accompaniment that I added acerb analyze and bethink to act upon. Added importantly, checklists can be allotment of a annual or a activity – commodity I can’t do in added assignment managers.

If you’re absorbed by checklists, I acclaim ambience up a annual breadth you accumulate templates for checklists you’re activity to use regularly. This way, aback it’s time to pack, adapt your abutting YouTube video for release, or aloof about annihilation that involves accompanying sub-steps, you can tap & authority a checklist, alike it, and move it to the accordant breadth of the app, accessible for you to alpha alive on it.

For the accomplished six years, 2Do has been a pay-once, use-forever blazon of app with an upfront acquirement and over 50 chargeless updates. While Gilani could accept calmly answerable for some of its above updates, he absitively to stick with the aforementioned app and accommodate the greatest amount (and support) to all absolute users. As 2016 inches closer, Gilani is accessible to booty the abutting step: charging for alternative add-ons to accompany added functionality to the app. The aboriginal of these add-ons is Email to 2Do, and, afterwards a few weeks application it, I’m absolutely on lath with it.

Email to 2Do isn’t out yet, but beta testing via TestFlight has been appealing abundant accessible to hundreds of users with affidavit accessible on the 2Do website. I’m not activity to absolutely analysis it now; I’ll save a able booty for the final release, but can allotment some ambience on how I’ve implemented it in my workflow.

With Email to 2Do, Gilani has congenital an airy email applicant into 2Do to anon admission your email inbox and about-face letters into tasks. Afterwards accepting to await on a web app that looks into the capacity of your email to apprehend argument from messages, 2Do locally and deeply connects to accepted email providers (including IMAP servers) afterwards advertisement advice to third-parties – aloof like Apple Mail. Then, 2Do periodically checks for new letters that bout a specific syntax, and, if it finds one, it turns it into a assignment in your inbox.

With this implementation, you don’t see any of the applicant part; you don’t configure mailboxes or alike see abandoned letters into 2Do. You aloof configure your annual (if you use Gmail, all it’s done over OAuth), accept how you appetite letters to activate 2Do, and you’re set.

To abduction letters and abstain that every new bulletin becomes a assignment in the app, you accept to baddest some capturing rules. If you’re into masochism, you can catechumen every new email bulletin to a task. If you adulation yourself aloof a little bit, you can accept to abandoned about-face flagged letters into tasks, or letters whose accountable begins with ‘todo:’, or conceivably those from specific contacts. There are additionally options: by default, the accountable of a bulletin will become a task’s title, but you can additionally save the anatomy argument into the task’s agenda field, add a browse activity for the message’s URL that will reopen it in Mail (see those bulletin URLs?), or unset the banderole afterwards the bulletin is captured.

I’ll save the capacity on best practices to set this up for accession article, but in abbreviate – this is amazing. At $3.99, 2Do lets you configure two email addresses, with anniversary added annual costing $1.99. With the basal tier, I was able to add two Gmail accounts to my 2Do: my primary assignment address, and a abstracted one for web automation.

With my assignment abode bureaucracy to acquiesce 2Do to abduction emails, I can about-face letters I accept from people, app pitches, and aggregate abroad into actionable tasks. Capturing rules can be set per account: for my MacStories address, I chose to save the anatomy of the bulletin into the agenda acreage of a task, including sender advice and a bulletin URL that links aback to Apple’s Mail app.16 The activity of extenuative a bulletin into 2Do is acutely simple: whenever I get a bulletin that I appetite to accept as a task, all I accept to do is banderole the bulletin in Outlook (or any added email app). I don’t accept to use a appropriate email applicant or access in my assignment manager. Aloft the abutting launch, 2Do will analysis my Gmail annual for new flagged letters and it’ll add anniversary one of them based on the capturing rules I set. That’s it.

I’ve additionally been application Email to 2Do for automatic web workflows based on email, and I’m still exploring the possibilities opened up by this absolute email integration. For now, I’ve set up Drafts and Do Agenda accomplishments to actualize new tasks and checklists by accounting out argument in their apps and sending an email to my 2Do account. Attractive ahead, I’ll apparently agreement with IFTTT and Zapier to about-face contest from RSS, YouTube channels, and added sources into tasks via email.

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We’ve additionally congenital a custom webhook for the MacStories Slack to let me about-face Slack letters into tasks via Email to 2Do.

Thanks to Email to 2Do, I’ve managed to assignment about the abridgement of a third-party API for Siri, too. In my abode book, I added a new acquaintance called ‘Task Assistant’ and gave it the ‘assistant’ nickname17, application the abstracted email abode I use for 2Do’s email integration. Then, aback I’m active or affable or accomplishing commodity abroad that requires Siri articulation commands, I can aloof say “Hey Siri email my abettor accountable argument Myke about new appearance anatomy comma”. Siri will adapt an email with “Text Myke about new show” in the Accountable acreage and a breach in the anatomy – the closing is abandoned by 2Do and I aloof put it there so Siri doesn’t ask me for anatomy text.

Siri will again ask me to affirm the email message, and it’ll accelerate it. The abutting time I barrage 2Do, the app will see the new bulletin in my annual and acceptation it into the inbox. By no means, this is not a backup for a able Siri API – which is abominably bare on iOS and watchOS – but it’s been alive able-bodied for me as a ambush to save tasks in my 2Do via Siri.18

For a continued time, I’ve advocated for email audience to abutment added affiliation with third-party apps on iOS and abnormally assignment managers. 2Do has taken the adverse approach, embedding a mini email applicant into the app to arch the gap amid emails and tasks in a built-in and affected way. I’m application Email to 2Do every day to abduction letters and adapt them alongside my approved tasks, and the adeptness to actualize a assignment in 2Do by allurement Siri to accelerate an email is great, for now.19 I’m attractive advanced to autograph about Email to 2Do for the accessible release.

While 2Do doesn’t accept a web app for billow integrations20, it is accessible to accommodate 2Do with added apps via URL arrangement and the accessible Email to 2Do add-on.

RSS is one of my primary agency for advertent annual and links I appetite to awning on MacStories, and Fiery Feeds is a avant-garde RSS applicant that works with casework such as NewsBlur and Feedly. One of Fiery Feeds’ peculiarities – in accession to acceptable abutment for Safari Appearance Controller and added iOS 9 appearance – is the adeptness to actualize custom URL arrangement accomplishments (reminiscent of Mr. Reader) to accelerate commodity links to added apps. Thus, I’ve created a Fiery Feeds activity to actualize tasks with a browse activity in 2Do:


With this action, I can actualize tasks that use an article’s name as appellation and its URL as a browse action, so I can calmly get aback to the commodity in Safari.

What makes this aggregate appropriate is Fiery Feeds’ quick allotment option: in the app, you can accredit any activity to barrage aback captivation the allotment figure in an article. Aback I acquisition an commodity I appetite to save as a assignment for later, I can authority bottomward the allotment figure and the 2Do activity will launch. This is a acceptable way to save links into my assignment manager, and you can install the activity by borer this articulation (it’ll barrage Fiery Feeds).

I don’t abandoned add commodity links to my 2Do, though. I generally charge to save files (mostly screenshots, but additionally abstracts or .zip archives) as tasks I accept to analysis out in a few days, but 2Do doesn’t abutment abacus assorted accessories to a task. For this reason, I accept created a workflow with the Workflow app that I can run as an activity addendum for a distinct book or assorted files at once. If I abandoned accept to save a distinct book to 2Do, the workflow creates a assignment with a browse activity for the Dropbox articulation of that file; if the workflow finds assorted files in the input, it uploads them all to a binder in my Dropbox and puts all their links in the agenda acreage of a task.

I’m absolutely blessed with the way this workflow is laid out. First, acknowledgment to Workflow’s activity extension, it supports any blazon of book that can be aggregate with the arrangement allotment area – it’s not bound to images and articulation memos like 2Do’s adapter feature. Second, I put in a accepted to iterate over anniversary annual anesthetized to the input, get its name, and prepend a timestamp afore uploading it to Dropbox. The workflow again checks for the cardinal of items independent in the input, and it uses the ‘Add 2Do Task’ activity with altered ethics if it’s one annual or assorted ones.

Workflow’s built-in abutment for 2Do is appealing absorbing – you can anatomy a arrangement for extenuative a assignment visually with variables and apparent text, tweaking ambit such as dates, echo settings, tags, and lists beforehand. This is all based on the 2Do URL arrangement – absolutely possibly, one of the richest implementations of this technology on iOS – but you never accept to see the URL itself acknowledgment to Workflow. I use this workflow mainly for images – I like how I can advertence assorted files through Dropbox links in the agenda of a task. Acknowledgment to Universal Links on iOS 9, those links go beeline to the Dropbox app, too.

You can download the workflow here.

Last, I’ve been application the fast ascribe capabilities of Drafts and Do Agenda to allotment argument with Email to 2Do and let the app booty affliction of importing aggregate from email aback I barrage it. Aback I’m in a blitz and I appetite to admission a assignment aloof by typing, I adopt to axle argument to the billow and balloon about it than application accomplishments that barrage 2Do to appearance my anew added task. I aloof appetite to blazon and balloon about it.

As accurate on the 2Do website, Email to 2Do can achieve checklists off emails with numbered lists in them. I accept created a Drafts activity that sends an email to my abstracted abode for 2Do automation with a draft’s aboriginal band as the email accountable and a numbered Markdown annual as the message’s body. This is absolute to admission things my adherent or teammates ask me to do. Already I accessible 2Do and the app pings my email account, it’ll acquisition the formatted message, about-face it into a checklist, and save it into my inbox. I achievement to be able to set dates in the accountable acreage of emails anon – it’d be nice to actualize a annual accidentally and accredit it a due date as well.

In Do Note, I set up an activity that takes whatever I wrote and sends it via email to my abode – it’s about a fast way to actualize tasks in the inbox afterwards aperture 2Do. I installed this activity as an agreement and I like the artlessness and dispatch of Do Note, but I’m activity to consolidate aggregate into Drafts. You can’t exhausted Greg Pierce’s app for Markdown formatting and customizable actions.

At some point over the accomplished two months, I accomplished that 2Do was activity to be an Editorial-like moment for me.

At first, I anticipation my affection for 2Do was aloof accession case of app concern and not actuality able to stick with a assignment administrator for added than a year. But afterwards a few weeks, I apparent that 2Do offered appearance that could achieve me balloon beneath and achieve added every day acknowledgment to a above alignment of my tasks and a bigger way to act on them. Commodity about 2Do’s architecture and the way tasks are structured fundamentally plays able-bodied with my brain. Like Editorial two years ago, I accept begin the blazon of app that matches the way I anticipate about its functionality, accouterment me with accoutrement and shortcuts I can apply to be faster.

I absolutely accept that 2Do is one of the best underestimated assignment managers for iOS – I don’t apprehend about it often, and yet it’s been about for years, it’s consistently updated, and its developer (whose capital and abandoned job is to achieve this app) has big affairs for the future. There is a acquirements ambit to 2Do, but you don’t accept to use all of its appearance – aloof like I didn’t focus on abounding aspects of the app for this commodity because I didn’t accept a charge for them.

Whether it’s acute lists, date presets, email integration, or a faster way to accessible web links, 2Do gives me a aggregate of assignment administration appearance and able architecture that I can’t acquisition anywhere else. Accept me – I accept been attractive for years. While added assignment managers consistently concluded up clashing with my brainy archetypal for lists and templates because of their “opinionated” designs and limitations, 2Do’s aftereffect is liberating: I accept how I appetite to appearance and administer my tasks; the app “only” gives me able accoutrement to do so.

2Do is a assignment administrator that adapts to my needs, not the added way around. 2Do gets me. Aggregate about my agenda and todo annual is bigger because of it.

Unless above changes appear to 2Do aural the abutting 12 months, I don’t anticipate you’re activity to apprehend from me about accession assignment administrator abutting year. I’m assuredly at accord with the way I adapt my able and claimed activity – and it’s all acknowledgment to an app fabricated by a distinct indie developer who’s been alive on it for six years.

There’s commodity affectionate of bewitched about that, too.

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