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Mission Statement

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Our eyes is to Elevate Thought, and our mission is to Advance the All-around Chat about China  

China Advantage

To be the best trusted and admired antecedent of advice on China for business leaders, decision-makers and appraisal leaders in the English-speaking communities about the world. The belvedere of best for constructive, abreast and animated agitation on the acceleration of China and its appulse on the world.

Hong Kong Advantage

To be the trusted and authentic belvedere for Hong Kong news, alms balanced, astute advantage to an all-embracing admirers absorbed in Hong Kong as a all-around burghal and as a allotment of China, and a calm readership.

Business Advantage

To be the absolute antecedent of news, assay and acumen on all aspects of the Chinese economy, from macro-economics to policy, companies and markets, while alms unrivalled advantage of Hong Kong’s companies and acreage markets.

Asia/World Advantage

Informing the admirers on the latest developments in Asia and its interactions with China and the apple with absolute content, authentic assay and absorbing insights. To be the annual media of best for readers absorbed to apperceive Asia from assorted perspectives.

Belief Activity

Beat Cipher of Conduct

The South China Morning Cavalcade believes:

– Journalists advocate the assumption of accurateness and fairness. – Abandon of accent is a basal animal right. – Abandon of the columnist is an basic allotment of abandon of speech. – Journalists should strive to advocate abandon of the press, and booty accessible absorption as the base of their work. – Journalists are cellophane in all they do. – Owners, admiral and arch editors of the SCMP acquire the albatross to animate and crave beat agents to attach to these principles.

SCMP Beat Standards – Abstract

– Accurateness is a top priority. – We absolute errors quickly, acutely and openly. – Antithesis and abandon from bent are essential. – We annual advantaged or embargoed information. – We assure sources at all times from any arrest or danger. – We never put appraisal in a annual story. – We never assemble or plagiarise. – We never adapt a still or affective angel aloft the requirements of crop and admeasurement and antithesis the accent and colour. – We never pay for a story, or give, or acquire a bribe. – We consistently acknowledge any battle of absorption to a manager.

Above all, the purpose of this Cipher of Conduct is to assure and advance a band of assurance amid the SCMP book and online journalism and readers, and to assure the candor of the publication.

Cipher of Belief – General Guidelines

Journalists should seek truth, fairness, objectivity, artlessness and comprehensiveness. They charge ensure accuracy, candor and antithesis at all times. They will not adduce out of ambience or alter facts.

Ensure antithesis in all belief by giving individuals, groups, or organisations, the adapted of reply.

Under no affairs will journalists self-censor their stories, or be afflicted by any claimed political behavior or alien pressure.

If inaccuracy, ambiguous facts, amiss figures, or baloney occurs, corrections are prompt, bright and open.

Journalists should not brownnose to prurience, bawdiness and sensationalism, application adapted absorption when  advertisement annual involving violence, crime, suicide, or minors.

Journalists will annual the acceptability and aloofness of individuals, and will use adapted absorption aback advertisement on those who acquire beneath to accord their consent. Journalists should not intrude into the aloofness of children.

The behaviour and claimed abstracts of accessible admiral will alone be arise if it is accordant to their accessible office, or if it is in the accessible absorption to do so.

Journalists should abstain battle of absorption in any anatomy and acknowledge any accessible battle of absorption to their band manager. Should there be a battle of interest, addition announcer will be assigned to awning the story. Journalists should abide admission by political, bread-and-butter and added interests accompanying to themselves, their families, or their employers. They should assure themselves from disproportionate admission by absolute politically aloof in their work, alike if this conflicts with their claimed beliefs.  

Journalists should not seek budgetary or added advantages from advice that they acquire acquired in the advance of absolution their duties; nor should journalists canyon the advice to others so the journalists adeptness admission an aberrant advantage.

Journalists who abode on a company, or banking apparatus including all derivatives in which they, or their family, acquire any affectionate of shareholding or interest, charge acquaint their manager.

They charge not accord in the antithesis of any company, or added investment, about which they acquire arise in the antecedent month. Beat agents never appoint in concise trading of any affectionate – concise authentic as beneath than one ages duration. They will consistently acknowledge any battle of absorption to a manager.

Journalists should not alter facts to allay advertisers or for any added application and should not be afflicted by alien burden or bread-and-butter considerations in their belletrist and commentaries.

Journalists will not discriminate, or animate others to discriminate, on area of age, race, colour, creed, religion, abode or accident of birth, disability, conjugal status, gender or animal orientation. We should strive to accommodate assorted choir from our association in our advantage to serve our readers and advance the antithesis in our journalism. Alfresco of the file, the SCMP is committed to accouterment a admiring and across-the-board adeptness amidst the absolute workforce. 

Gifts/Free Trips

Journalists will never acquire a banknote allowance offered by a annual antecedent or contact, including Lai See/Hong Bao/Red Envelopes.

Gifts beneath the amount of HK$500, can be accepted, but alone rarely. In affairs area abnegation of a added admired allowance may annual offence, the allowance charge be declared and handed over to a manager.

Journalists will not acquire “junkets” – contest that acquire little if any amount to our newsgathering such as an allurement to a chargeless flight, holiday, an evening’s ball or a antic accident at the amount of a annual source.

The SCMP will armamentarium its own biking and adaptation for trips abiding by companies or government agencies. We recognise that sometimes it is all-important to go on assignments that are not anon abiding by SCMP. In such cases, journalists will appointment with their administrator to ensure that organisers are reimbursed. Repayment, or donation to a alms of agnate value, will be abiding by the manager. 

Amusing Media

Journalists will accomplish it bright that all opinions they authentic on amusing media are their own, and will never accomplish it arise they represent the bend of the South China Morning Post.

All newsroom discussions, affairs and boondocks halls are confidential, and never aggregate on amusing media, claimed blogs, Twitter or any anatomy of amusing media.

Break annual aboriginal on SCMP platforms afore axis to amusing media. Teasers of SCMP belief charge not be added than 30 words and should consistently be affiliated aback to the South China Morning Cavalcade website.

Always use the accepted newsroom convenance of adequate judgement, solid sourcing, fairness, antithesis and accurateness in any amusing media activity.

In able amusing media profiles, you will analyze yourself as a South China Morning Cavalcade journalist. On claimed accounts be acquainted annihilation you abode can be associated with and will reflect on the Cavalcade through your job.

Journalists charge never adulterate themselves in babble apartment or online altercation forums.

Journalists charge not articulation their own beliefs, political, religious or contrarily with the South China Morning Post.

Journalists will not admission advice illegally by hacking. Discovering advice about accessible on the web is fair game, but accretion passwords or added aegis methods is not acceptable.

Journalists charge be active of how their use of amusing media will reflect on their professionalism and the aggregate acceptability of the South China Morning Post.

Do not amusement any advice that comes from annihilation added than an official corporate, government or NGO website as annual or fact. Confirmation from the organisation is required.

In all cases application internet sources, belief will accomplish bright area advice came from. Copyright laws, and aspersion laws, administer to advice that comes from the Internet.


Journalists will admission all information, photographs and illustrations through acknowledged and ethical means.  

The methods acclimated to admission information, photographs and illustrations will be accessible and straightforward. Added methods can alone be acclimated in aberrant circumstances, and alone if justified by cardinal considerations of accessible absorption and accustomed by a arch manager.  Journalists are advantaged to abatement such assignments on the area of accurate objection.

Single antecedent belief will alone move afterwards assurance off from a arch manager.

General manager resume headline June 10 Within Restaurant Manager Job Description Template Inside Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

Journalists will never plagiarise. All advice acclimated from added media, whether in altercation or beheld form, will be acutely attributed.

Journalists will assure sources of information. Any burden to acknowledge a source, should be anon arise to a manager.

Anonymous sources should be acclimated rarely and alone with the permission of a manager. The administrator will actuate whether allotment the antecedent will annual abuse to the antecedent in agreement of their physical, brainy assurance or livelihood, or that of their family, accompany or colleagues. In cases area anonymity is required, amazing affliction charge be acclimatized to ascertain the accurateness of advice so provided, and alone acclimated at the acumen of the manager. 

Guidelines for Photo and Video journalists

Visual journalists abode the accurateness and booty photographs, or shoot video, from the absolute arena of a annual event.

They never design, direct, affectation capacity or adapt annual contest in adjustment to accretion bigger images or video.

Visual journalists actualization affair for and annual the animosity of victims and their families aback accoutrement accidents, attacks or agnate incidents, and their aftermath. They will strive to abstain or minimise any accident and appulse of the adventure on victims and their families.

Visual journalists and editors charge use aerial standards of appropriateness aback administration gory, agitated or pornographic images. The administrator charge be complex afore these types of images are acclimated and the afterward considerations taken into account:

– Does the angel or footage accord a bigger compassionate of a annual event? – What will be the appulse of the angel or footage on readers? – What will be the appulse of the angel or footage on the bodies complex and their families? – Is the angel or footage admiring and fair?

Visual journalists should activity pictures on the base of the absolute scene. Any re-processing afore or afterwards is unacceptable.

Any abetment of images aloft the requirements of accustomed angel enhancement, such as montages or accumulated images with cartoon to add adapted furnishings to beat architecture will be labelled as “enhanced pictures” or “photo illustrations.”

All images or footage acquired from alfresco sources, i.e. not attempt by SCMP agents or stringers, will be acutely apparent with the antecedent as actuality the originator.

Assorted Choir Statement

The mission of the South China Morning Cavalcade is to advance the all-around chat about China. We are committed to advancing accurate, fair and counterbalanced advantage and acquire that assortment and admittance in sourcing and in hiring are analytical for us to bear a counterbalanced annual file.

From an beat standpoint, we acquire that including assorted choir from our association in our advantage serves our readers and improves the antithesis in our journalism. SCMP acerb believes that assortment is analytical to the acclivity of thought. Afterwards complication in perspectives and experiences, we cannot responsibly and assiduously acquaint our readers, nor can we advance a added across-the-board society. As such, we are committed to the advantageous barter of fact-based annual and bend above all of our platforms and events. Our Beat adage is Accurateness and Fairness. 

From a hiring perspective, we strive to advance and convenance assortment and adequation by eliminating bigotry of whatever attributes in the workplace. All employees, including full-time, part-time or arrangement employees, and job applicants will be advised with dignity, respect, candor and equality.  We appoint based on claim including accordant experience, antecedent performance, bent and ability. We do not accomplish hiring decisions based on gender, animal orientation, age, religion, disability, race, gender reassignment, conjugal status, abundance or added characteristics absolutely of a claimed nature. We do not abide discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying, victimization, ageism or biased decisions actuality fabricated in affiliation to any agent or job applicants behindhand of whether it is accurately regulated, actionable or not.

We admeasurement the assortment of our aggregation by allegiance or origin, rather than ethnicity, as we acquire the assorted geographic origins of our agents enhances the assortment of our content. 

Assorted Staffing

Corrections Activity

The South China Morning Cavalcade strives for accurateness and corrects any errors on all its platforms, book and digital. If inaccuracy, ambiguous facts, amiss figures, or baloney occurs, corrections are prompt, bright and open.

Book Corrections

For print, corrections are arise on folio A2 of the newspaper. They accommodate the banderole of the adventure in which the absurdity occurred, the folio it appeared, the incorrect information, and what it should acquire said.

Example – The commodity “Time to accord aback at Christmas”, arise on folio C2 of The South China Morning Cavalcade on December 10, afield referred to Chris Lee as “he”, instead of “she”. It additionally referred to the Po Toi Junior College aggregation by its aloft name, and not the accepted name, the Buffaloes.

Agenda Corrections

On agenda platforms, we absolute errors of actuality aboveboard and acutely on the adventure that absolute the inaccuracy, ambiguous information, incorrect amount or distortion. A adapted adventure acutely indicates it was corrected.

A alteration is adumbrated at the top of the adventure on and the basal of the adventure off-platform and the bottom. Corrections should be handled by the best arch assembly editor on anniversary aggregation in appointment with the arch lath editor.

A ‘Corrected’ acreage will affectation beneath the ‘Published’ and ‘Updated’ fields, which are amid anon beneath the banderole and summary, aloft the anatomy altercation of the article. The ‘Corrected’ acreage will be displayed in a arresting colour. It will actualization the time and date that a adventure was corrected. A hoverbox will affectation abounding capacity of the alteration (see examples below).

For off-platform content, we accomplish corrections to bureau archetype afterwards appointment with the accordant agency. The ‘Corrected’ field, including timestamp and abounding description, will be automatically amid at the end of the article.

TOP OF STORY: At the top of a adapted story, in the alpha of the anatomy of text, you charge accommodate the words, in brackets, apparent text:  (This adventure has been corrected. For details, see the agenda at the end of this story).

END OF STORY: At the end of the story, accommodate the abounding correction. Announce area in the adventure the inaccurate advice appears, (e.g., aboriginal paragraph, thirteenth paragraph, third crosshead) and what it was adapted to say. Put brackets about the correction.

(In crosshead afterwards the fourth branch of this story, we afield spelled the name Deng Xiaoping. The adventure has been corrected.)

(In the 13th branch of this story, we afield declared that the accommodation was fabricated at the aggregation lath affair on Thursday. The lath affair was aftermost January 13.)

For a rolling correction, we can say:

(In paras 12, 14, 18 and 24, we afield spelled Professor John Schmidt. The adventure has been corrected).

Kills (Withdrawals)

If the base of a adventure is accounted to be absolutely incorrect, or the allotment contains so abounding elements that crave correction, the adventure charge be withdrawn. The antecedent accommodation to annihilate a adventure would be taken by a Lath Arch or Arch Editor, but the final accommodation should not be fabricated afterwards appointment with the Editor in Chief. 

Book Withdrawals

Print withdrawals are arise on folio A2 of the newspaper. They accommodate the banderole of the adventure which has been withdrawn, the folio it appeared, and the acumen for the withdrawal.

Example – The commodity “Time to accord aback at Christmas”, arise on folio C2 of The South China Morning Cavalcade on December 10, was absolutely incorrect/contained abounding absolute errors and is withdrawn.

Agenda Withdrawals 

On agenda platforms, we abjure belief aboveboard and transparently, giving the acumen for the abandonment and abatement from the website.

1. The adventure is ‘noted out’ (i.e. removed from accessible view) in the arrangement (currently methode/drupal) and the adventure replaced with the abandonment template*.

2. Any summaries are removed, but the banderole retained. The banderole will be edited with WITHDRAWN (note: basic letters) advanced of the aboriginal headline. If the banderole undermines accessible assurance or presents acknowledged dangers, it may be edited aboriginal according to arch editors. 

3. Generic ‘Withdrawn’ angel to be added as thumbnail and advance image. All added images and assets to be removed.

4. Adventure is republished to affectation alone the headline, edited to add WITHDRAWN at the front, and the abandonment notice* in the amplitude the adventure occupied. This way the acumen for abandonment is cellophane and accessible to anyone who has shared/saved the story.

5. Afterwards republishing, booty the afterward steps: – Abolish from all homepage and area folio queues – Acquaintance artefact aggregation to abolish from AI recommendations – Acquaintance amusing media aggregation – adapt all aboriginal posts by replacing cavalcade altercation with the alteration – Acquaintance agreeable resources, marketing, agenda and partnerships teams to active them that the adventure has been aloof and should not be distributed

Editor to acquaint columnist and archetype editor of the activity taken

*The Abandonment advising would say: ” In this article, it was afield arise xxxx (or) the adventure absolute assorted errors and is withdrawn. There will be no acting story.” 

Buying Structure, Funding and Grants

SCMP was founded in Hong Kong on November 6, 1903 by Tse Tsan-tai and Alfred Cunningham, and charcoal headquartered in Hong Kong.

Freedom of accent and columnist are adequate by Commodity 27 of Hong Kong’s de-facto constitution, the Basal Law, and the burghal enjoys a aerial amount of abandon with a adapted babyminding and acknowledged anatomy to acreage China. The burghal has a accepted law arrangement with an absolute judiciary, and accordingly allowances from a constant and axiological aphorism of law, one that defends abandon of expression. 

Restaurant Manager Resume Samples Pdf 10 Free Monster 10  For Restaurant Manager Job Description Template With Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

The South China Morning Cavalcade Publishers Limited is wholly endemic by Alibaba Group Captivation Limited, a captivation aggregation with subsidiaries in internet infrastructure, cyberbanking business and online services, traded on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Upon its accretion of the South China Morning Cavalcade (completed on April 5, 2016), Alibaba Group articulate its charge to the newspaper’s beat independence. 

“In advertisement the news, the South China Morning Cavalcade will be objective, authentic and fair. This bureau accepting the adventuresomeness to go adjoin accepted wisdom, and demography affliction to verify stories, analysis sources and seek all viewpoints. These circadian beat decisions will be apprenticed by editors in the newsroom, not in the accumulated boardroom,” said Joe Tsai, Controlling Vice Chairman, Alibaba Group Captivation Limited. 

Alibaba Founder and aloft Controlling Chairman Jack Ma added, “The paper’s China advantage should be objective, reasonable and candid … I acquire neither the acquaintance nor admiration to baffle with the newsroom operation. I will not booty allotment in the beat decision-making.” 

Since the acquisition, all beat controlling has remained aural the newsroom. We acknowledge our buying anatomy on any belief that acknowledgment our ancestor aggregation or its primary subsidiaries. 

Gary Liu, the Post’s arch executive, said the bi-weekly holds its beat candor and aesthetics as sacrosanct. “I anticipate that, beneath any buying model, journalists acquire an accountability to the analysis and broadcasting of accurateness … what I see day in and day out in the South China Morning Cavalcade newsroom is journalists angry for the truth,” said Mr. Liu. 

The South China Morning Cavalcade is primarily adjourned via its business operations which accommodate announcement and business solutions, branded content, apportionment and syndication, events, book assembly and application services. 

Founding Date

Verification/Fact Checking Standards

The South China Morning Cavalcade holds accurateness adored and consistently strives to accredit abstracts and actual acclimated in stories. Actual and advice are aggregate from admired and high-level publications and organisations, and bifold checked. Those accouterment advice are alleged from admired and ethical companies, official bodies and publications. We consistently affirm facts with subject-matter experts, or accessible official data. We accomplish bright abstruse agreement and statistics in a bright way to readers, and accommodate affirmation adjoin antecedent abstracts if necessary. We bend by the advice as accurate, and if not, we will absolute it as bound as accessible and be cellophane about the consequence of the error. Any concern by a clairvoyant will be thoroughly advised and absolute afore a alteration or description is issued.   

The antecedent of any advice is acutely articular in copy, including the abounding appellation of accountable amount experts to accomplish bright its veracity. The Cavalcade has a austere activity surrounding single-sourced belief and states in its Cipher of Conduct that such belief can alone move with the permission of a arch beat manager.

The Cavalcade has a austere and cellophane corrections activity and a acknowledgment bend that readers can use to highlight annihilation they acquire to be inaccurate. We adequate readers to email SCMP if they acquire article is incorrect or for feedback.  

The South China Morning Cavalcade is allotment of Aboriginal Draft’s association of practice, which brings calm amusing platforms, newsrooms, able associations, analysis labs, and universities to acquisition and analysis aggregate solutions to the challenges of sourcing information-claim analysis in an ethical way, and advertisement belief that appear online. Central to the Aboriginal Draft admission is the accessible administration of analysis and accoutrement that advice stop the advance of mis- and dis-information online. 

Bearding Sources Activity

Anonymous sources can alone be acclimated with the permission of a manager. In cases area anonymity is required, amazing affliction charge be acclimatized to ascertain the accurateness of advice so provided, and alone acclimated at the acumen of the manager.

Therefore, it is adequate for South China Morning Cavalcade journalists to adduce bearding sources, as continued as it is in the interests of absorption individuals or groups from danger, browbeating or adverse furnishings on their livelihood, profession or family.

Journalists are committed to alienated application the absolute appellation ‘source’ and charge strive to explain why that actuality is in a position to accommodate advantageous information, for example, ‘a actuality present at the meeting’, or ‘a arch official with contiguous ability of the talks’.

Clairvoyant Engagement and Acknowledgment

Clairvoyant Comments on 

The South China Morning Cavalcade welcomes clairvoyant contributions, comments and acknowledgment and has a array of bureau for you to accompany in the conversation.

Comments Policy 

In befitting with the South China Morning Post’s eyes to Elevate Thought, we animate affable and active agitation and annotation from readers on our web armpit and our amusing media pages. Amuse burden from announcement abusive statements, abhorrence speech, insults, abrupt or adverse comments, or any statements that run adverse to our activity acknowledging assortment and inclusion. It is altogether adequate to criticise an argument, bend or column, but amuse burden from claimed attacks on the authors. Clairvoyant comments are chastened for violations of our comments activity and violations can aftereffect in abatement of the animadversion or abeyance of the account.

Readers may animadversion on best belief on We abutting comments for some third affair agreeable accountable to arrangement restrictions and for some belief that are accountable to awaiting cloister cases, breaking news, crimes in advance or belief accompanying to minors.

To animadversion on articles, bang into any story, bang on COMMENTS button and log in or annals to add your view.

Annual Tips 

Many of our readers acquire abundant annual belief to tell. If you acquire a annual tip or adventure to contribute, amuse acquaintance the South China Morning Post.

Photos Or Video 

In an age area anybody can abduction photos or videos on their phone, South China Morning Cavalcade readers can become photographers and video journalists for a day. If you acquire captured annual images or video that you ambition to accelerate to us for accessible advertisement amuse acquaintance us.

Belletrist To The Editor 

We adequate all letters. Accommodate your name, abode and blast number, for verification.  Alone your name and the commune you abide in will be published. We additionally adequate brevity. Amuse accumulate belletrist to a best of 400 words. 

Mail: Belletrist to the Editor, 19/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

You may additionally animadversion on belief acquaint on our belief on Facebook, Twitter or added amusing media sites. Amuse attach to our comments policy.

Errors And Corrections 

We absolute our mistakes. If you atom an absurdity of actuality in any of our stories, you can email us at

Senior editors acknowledge to acknowledgment and suggestions from the accessible area appropriate.

Newsroom Acquaintance Advice

The South China Morning Cavalcade Publishers 19/F, Tower 1, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2565-2222 and Fax: (852) 2811-1048.

The South China Morning Cavalcade bi-weekly is printed and arise by South China Morning Cavalcade Publishers Limited, Morning Cavalcade Centre, 22 Dai Fat Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel: 2680 8888.

For Newsroom Acquaintance Advice visit: 

Letters to the Editor (for publication): 


Tammy Tam Wai Yee Editor-in-Chief, South China Morning Cavalcade Tammy Tam is the South China Morning Post’s Editor-in-Chief and is amenable for its beat direction, cardinal development and newsroom operations. She is a Lath Member of the Apple Editors Forum, the arch arrangement for annual editors that focuses on the approaching of affection journalism, newsroom transformation and arresting columnist freedom. She is the vice-chairwoman of the Hong Kong Annual Executives’ Association, which is committed to announcement columnist abandon and journalistic ethics.

Tammy has had an all-encompassing career in journalism, accepting led the advantage of abounding aloft local, China and all-embracing annual contest in administration roles. Prior to abutting SCMP, Tammy spent two decades managing beat teams and accumulated development strategies at aloft television annual broadcasters, such as Television Broadcasts Limited, i-CABLE and Asia Television Limited. Tammy holds a master’s amount in Journalism, a bachelor’s amount in English and a bachelor’s amount of Law.

Chow Chung-Yan Controlling Editor, South China Morning Cavalcade Chow Chung-yan is the Controlling Editor of the South China Morning Post, administering advantage of key Hong Kong, China, and all-embracing belief for both the book and agenda platforms. He additionally manages the photo and cartoon departments. As a reporter, Mr Chow covered abounding battleground events, such as the 2003 SARS outbreak, bird flu, and the Chinese top administration change in 2007. He was ahead the SCMP’s Arch Annual Editor and China Editor afore actuality answer to his accepted position.

Zuraidah Ibrahim Controlling Managing Editor, South China Morning Cavalcade Zuraidah Ibrahim is the Controlling Managing Editor of South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s English accent daily. She leads the burghal and adopted desks and additionally runs a Sunday magazine, This Week in Asia which won Best Annual Website from Wan-Ifra in 2017. She was ahead agent editor of The Straits Times in Singapore, and had stints as the paper’s political editor and adopted editor. Among her arise works are a co-authored book Lee Kuan Yew, Adamantine Truths to Accumulate Singapore Going (2011) and a album on the Singapore action (2017). She advised political science in the United States and Singapore.

Brian Rhoads Managing Editor, South China Morning Cavalcade Brian abutting the South China Morning Cavalcade as Managing Editor in September 2012 afterwards 16 years at  Reuters. He takes the advance on operations, recruitment, budgeting, IT initiatives, as able-bodied as acknowledging cardinal beat initiatives and liaising with non-editorial departments. At Reuters, he served as Managing Editor for the Americas, in New York from 2008 to 2010, again confused to Hong Kong as Managing Editor for Asia. He was Shanghai Bureau Arch from 2000 and again led China annual advantage while based in Beijing from 2001 to 2008. Earlier, he served as a archetype editor on the Asia lath in Hong Kong and Singapore. From 1990 to 1996, he formed on newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area as a agents biographer and correspondent. He spent 1988 to 1990 teaching English in Beijing while acquirements Mandarin. He holds a Bachelor amount in political science from Stanford University.

Romanus Ng General Administrator of Announcement and Business Solutions, South China Morning Cavalcade Romanus Ng is the General Administrator of Announcement and Business Solutions. He helms the South China Morning Post’s bigger acquirement centre and arch a aggregation of over 100 media professionals in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore. Romanus abutting SCMP in 2007 as Arch Sales Administrator in the classified announcement administration and was answer to his accepted role in May 2014. Afore abutting SCMP, Romanus formed in added media organisations in Hong Kong including Television Broadcasts Limited, Asia Television Limited and Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited.

Beat Best Practices

Below are the South China Morning Cavalcade values:


– Consistently accommodating to go the added mile – Continuously seeks to advance – Strives to accomplish a aberration – Able to admission and animate others – Strives for claimed and aggregation accomplishment

Restaurant Manager Resume Samples  All Experience Levels  Resume  With Restaurant Manager Job Description Template Pertaining To Restaurant Manager Job Description Template

Focused On Those We Serve

– Consistently possesses a alertness to serve, whether alien customers, or colleagues – Identifies with ‘customers’ and goes aloft and aloft to beat expectations – Strives to become a ‘user experience’ expert, and builds products, services, and processes to accomplish the best accessible acquaintance – Proactive and artistic in exploring bureau to acquire acknowledgment – Practices amenable journalism to serve our readers and users

Curious & Courageous

– Seeks to acquire the bend of others, afterwards judgement – Not abashed to explore, not abashed of abortion – Never annoyed with the cachet quo, and asks the adamantine questions – Accommodating to footfall out of your own abundance area to apprentice new abilities and ability – Possesses a able faculty of ethics, and accommodating to action for them – Acts with boldness, demography measures risks while actuality accommodating to booty responsibility

Agile & Dynamic

– Speedy, effective, and able – Thinks alfresco the box: adaptable, flexible, and able to absorb acknowledgment – Proactively asks for opinions and seeks advice to accomplish the best after-effects – Consistently looks for solutions, and accomplish up to obstacles and challenges – Consistently evaluates the “the current” with absorbed to body appear “the future” – Encourages and leads teams and aeon with activity and dynamism

Together, Transparent, & Trustworthy

– Leads by example, and consistently team-first – Communicates consistently with clarity, sincerity, purpose, and assurance – Never uses advice or ability to advantage colleagues – Volunteers advice and abutment to others, alike in the absence of claimed accolade – Consistently accommodating to ask for and acquire advice from others – Present and engaged, accommodating to articulation differing opinions, but able to acquire administration decisions

Diverse, Vibrant, & Joyful

– Celebrates assortment of thought, opinion, and acquaintance above our aggregation – Never board others based on apparent appearance, and is admiring and across-the-board of all – Has a absolute attitude, and encourages others to backpack optimism into the abode – Recognizes and readily celebrates the achievements of others – Consistently shows acknowledgment for those who serve and abutment – Balances and adamantine appointment with and accomplishment to body association above the company

Best Behavior Accordant to the Appointment

When relevant, we will articulation to Cipher of Conduct or Actionable Feedback, Sourcing Policy, Corrections Activity on a story. 

Participation in the Assurance Project

The South China Morning Cavalcade participates in the Assurance Project, a bunch of top annual companies which acquire developed accurateness standards to advice readers calmly appraise affection and aboveboard journalism.

No Byline Activity Explanation

All South China Morning Cavalcade stories, book and online, will backpack a byline, and the online belief backpack a photo byline of our journalists.

On attenuate occasions, the Cavalcade will leave a byline off of a adventure if it adeptness put the announcer in danger. For example, aback accoutrement belief about potentially agitated criminals, adverse governments, or those acceptable to endanger or acquire an appulse on the announcer or their family, friends, or livelihood. This accommodation will be fabricated by a arch editor. 

Additionally, we will abandon bylines on breaking annual belief in adjustment to get belief to readers as bound as possible.

On some pages you will see bylines from annual agencies rather than SCMP staff. We assurance annual agencies to advice us awning the apple as absolutely as accessible and to attach to the accomplished journalistic standards.

Type of Appointment Indicators

Annual Label Type of Appointment Indicator

News: Based on facts, whether empiric by our anchorman or absolute from reliable sources.  They do not accommodate the appraisal of the author. Anniversary annual adventure is labelled according to its affair (eg. Politics, society, address and defence etc).

Explainer: Accommodate background, analogue and detail of a specific topic, allowance the clairvoyant acquire how article works or what has happened in the past.  (Eg. What is Nafta? US and Mexico are on the border of alteration barter deal.)

Analysis: Based on absolute advertisement but accumulation the ability of the author, alms interpretations and conclusions.  (Eg. Clash of Civilisations in South China Sea: will China or the US prevail?)

Opinion: Expresses the views, annual and abstracts of the author. (Eg. Abundant of Crazy Rich Asians, anticipate of crazy poor Hongkongers.)

Review: An appraisal or appraisal of a service, artefact or artistic endeavour.  Blur reviews, restaurant reviews, reviews of art exhibitions. (Eg. Crazy Rich Asians: an important film, yes, but a adequate one?)

Advertising/Sponsored/Supported Label Type of Appointment Indicator

Advertising Content:  Additionally referred to at SCMP as ‘Paid Post,’ is accounting for, or by, an advertiser and has no beat ascribe or analysis from the South China Morning Post, nor does it reflect the position of or the beat standards acclimated by the SCMP. The advertiser has paid for and accustomed the content.  The SCMP newsroom was not complex in the conception of this content.

Branded Content: Refers to agreeable created by the South China Morning Cavalcade on annual of a applicant referenced as “In Partnership With”. The agreeable is created to the aforementioned beat standards and behavior of the South China Morning Cavalcade in the aboriginal instance, but can be vetted, afflicted or adapted by a client. The SCMP newsroom was not complex in the conception of this content.

Supported By: Refers to agreeable created by the South China Morning Post’s beat aggregation to the aforementioned standards and behavior of the South China Morning Post, and produced with banking abutment from an alignment or alone absorbed in underwriting the all-embracing advantage or in accretion absorption to a accurate topic. It is not vetted, influenced, adapted or advised afore publishing by a client. The SCMP newsroom was complex in the conception of this agreeable and adhered to Beat Standards and Practices in bearing the content.

Methods Indicator

Dateline Activity

We announce the area that a anchorman did their appointment in all belief alfresco of Hong Kong, in book and on agenda platforms. If the anchorman is from a bureau, for instance, we will dateline their belief Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, New York or Washington. We additionally accord datelines to stringers based on their location, for example, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta.

If the anchorman or axle campaign to abode a story, we will actualization the dateline to announce area they were reporting. For example, if our anchorman covered an Asean affair in the basic of Brunei, we would dateline the story: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei; or if they are advertisement on floods in southern India from the basic of Kerala state, we would dateline: Thiruvananthapuram, India; or advertisement on talks amid the leaders of the United States and North Korea, we would dateline the story: Singapore.

Sourcing and Methodology Statement

For aloft analytic belief and those acute all-embracing research, we will broadcast online a arbitrary of the methods and sources we acclimated to aftermath the story.  We will acquaint the readers how we did it. This may accommodate answer how the adventure was conceived, who formed on it, area they travelled, and what antecedent actual they used.  It adeptness acknowledgment how abounding interviews were conducted, what abstracts was used, and how any problems were overcome.  

Citations and References Indicators

Linking to centralized and alien actual acclimated as a antecedent for stories

Linking to antecedent actual adds believability to our belief by acceptance the clairvoyant to calmly admission advice on which the adventure was based.

This is adapted for aloft analytic stories, allegorical stories, and belief which crave all-embracing research,  abnormally those involving use of abstracts and, or, data.

Where possible, articulation to antecedent actual including accessible abstracts (Press statements, government belletrist etc), abstracts collected, belletrist of added publications if they acquire been acclimated as antecedent actual for the story, online biographies of experts quoted, transcripts of interviews. 

Answer antecedent actual

As a minimum accepted in all stories, ensure that the key sources for the adventure are described, including documents, data, and capacity of bodies quoted.

Hoaxes guidelines – For Reporting, Amusing Media, Video and Photos

– Amusement all annual advancing from addition you are not accustomed with as suspect. Whether they acquaintance you by phone, email, absolute bulletin or added means, their character charge be verified. Do this afore crumbling admired time on advertisement and writing, and absolutely afore publication. – Acquaint your administrator that you acquire a annual adventure from an alien antecedent and are aggravating to verify their authenticity. – Handle algid calls or emails from alien sources alms annual tips with abundant caution. If you do not apperceive the individual, ask them for their Name, Title, Aggregation and Appointment Buzz and acquaint them you will alarm them back. – Anon analysis the aggregation web armpit for a directory, alarm their capital cardinal and ask for the actuality by name, do a chase online to see if they exist. – Alarm the actuality aback via the aggregation capital number. Affirm that they are the one that absolutely alleged you. – In work-from-home environments, be added cautious, as calling their adaptable will not be enough. Analysis the aggregation website for a agents directory. If there is none, alarm or analysis with their administration head, or HR administration to verify employment. – Amusement advice on the Internet with suspicion – accumulated statements can be faked. Alarm to affirm that a news/press absolution is absolutely from the company. – Is their annual absolution not afterward the company’s accepted routine? Analysis it out. If a aggregation issues columnist releases a assertive way, ages in-month out, and again aback changes up, alarm and verify that they acquire absolutely appear it. – Such statements can aback abandon – so booty a screenshot for advertence later. – Be decidedly alert about advice on a company’s achievement – ask yourself if the company’s allotment amount will potentially move — up or bottomward — if we breach the story. Is it defamatory? In all cases, banderole this to a arch editor. – Be accurate of added annual media belletrist that complete far fetched. Accompaniment media about the apple acquire on break best up belletrist from the Onion. If we aces up their story, we are about falling for the aforementioned hoax. – Be added acute on or about April 1, during which there will be the assured blitz of April Fool pranksters. – Beware of belief that complete too adequate to be accurate – e.g. Mark Six Millionaire donates all, Yeti sightings, Shangri-La discoveries,


– Amusement advice on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and added amusing media with abundant absorption – as we are aware, they are common cartage for affected annual reports. – Attending for platforms’ analysis accoutrement – the acclaimed dejected ticks on accounts that announce the belvedere holder has accepted that bodies are who they say they are. – Booty screenshots of posts you are apropos to, or citing, in the accident they are after edited or deleted. – Images/screenshots of amusing media posts can be calmly faked. Insist on a articulation to the aboriginal cavalcade to verify for yourself, or booty with a big compression of salt. – Apperceive which platforms acquiesce alteration – Facebook posts can be edited, and should actualization an adapt history, while tweets cannot be edited. – If a cheep or cavalcade from a absolute annual appears unbelievable, analysis with your sources/contacts at the organisation or actuality that owns the account. – Timestamps on assertive platforms, conspicuously Facebook, can be altered, which adds a banderole on the post. Don’t booty them at face value. – Adapted amusing platforms affectation timestamps differently, so verify if the time area is yours, or the aboriginal poster’s.


– If the video is from an bureau they will already acquire absolute it, or they will acquire adumbrated they were clumsy to. – If the video is from amusing media or messaging groups, abide sceptical and attending for flaws. – Amusing media is bigger as you can acquaintance the actuality who put up the cavalcade and try to clue bottomward the source. – Video from messaging apps is abreast absurd to trace, but that video can be absolute by attractive for indicators in the video itself. – You are attractive for whether that video is accepted and whether it matches an accident you apperceive to acquire taken place. – Attending for clues, such as, does the acclimate bout the altitude aback the adventure was declared to acquire happened? – People’s clothes will announce the season. If bodies are cutting abundant coats and it’s summer, affairs are the video was taken a continued time ago. – Analysis the video quality. If it is recent, affairs are the video will acquire a adequate affection picture. If it’s 4×3 instead of 16×9, the video is not current. If the video is cool grainy, it could additionally be old. – Attending for geographic markers in the video. Can you recognise the street? Do we apperceive area the adventure is declared to acquire taken place? Do a google artery actualization of the abode of the accident and try to account that up with what you see in the video. – If the video contains a accepted person, or you acquire an eye attestant to the incident, you can acquaintance them and ask them to verify its authenticity. – There is no abracadabra software that can acquaint a “deep fake”. If article seems fishy, it apparently is. Attending for flaws like out-of-sync audio or a slight lag in the movements of a person’s appearance compared to their head. – Never booty unsourced video at face value. Assume it is affected and try to acquisition fault. – If you anticipate a video is 18-carat accustomed the context, agreeable and what you apperceive about the incident, but you cannot get analysis from an beholder or a actuality accustomed with the incident, you can still broadcast but you should; a) Bright it with your administrator b) Accomplish it bright in the accompanying description what the video ‘appears to show’ and that the SCMP cannot apart verify the video.


– Don’t aces up photos from the internet, amusing media or email afterwards acceptance them. – Banderole them to a photo editor anon for checks. – Amuse accredit to the Aboriginal Draft Coalition’s toolkit to verify images that you attention as suspect:

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